The national corporate system cover bВ издательстве PLEIADES PUBLISHING (452 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10018) вышла в свет на английском языке фундаментальная монография директора Института перспективных научных исследований, доктора экономических наук, профессора Л.С.Черного "Национальная корпоративная система. Концептуальные основы управления эффективностью".

Conceptual foundations of performance management


The set of corporations and firms in the national market economy is viewedas a complex open dynamic system. The book looks into the basic characteristicsof this system that affect its intrasystem cohesiveness, dynamics and resistance todestabilizing externalities. The extent and ways of market self-organization in a nationalcorporate system are considered together with the system’s key parameterspurposefully manageable through state regulation and the public sector. Key managementactions to enhance the self-organization and efficiency of Russia’s nationalcorporate system are prioritized with regard to their implementability. The book isintended for economists and public administration specialists, students and a broadreadership interested in economic problems.


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